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Catholic Community in Jeffersonville

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to remind you all once again that Archbishop Thompson has dispensed the faithful indefinitely from the obligation of Sunday Mass indefinitely.  If you are sick, vulnerable, or if you deem it prudent, please refrain from attending out of charity.  Below are other precautions we must take as a parish:

  • The exchange of the sign of peace is now suspended

  • Holding hands during the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, if it is the local custom, is now suspended

  • Distribution of Holy Communion via the chalice is to be suspended

  • The practice of physically touching a non-communicant for a blessing should be discontinued

  • The use of Holy Water fonts is to be suspended and all holy water fonts are to be drained

  • Priests, deacons and extraordinary ministers of holy communion should take care not to touch the hands, mouth or tongue of communicants

  • Other guidance regarding hygiene and sanitary measures should be observed

Outside of the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, parishioners may be encouraged not to receive communion on the tongue during this extraordinary time of concern.

  • Parishioners may be encouraged to disperse throughout the worship space so as to allow for “social distance” during gatherings

  • Parishes may seek alternatives to passing a basket for collections and for allowing more time before counting collections

  • The act of bringing forward the bread and wine by the faithful during the offertory will be suspended  

While the acts of holding hands, shaking hands, hugging, etc. is suspended during the liturgy, the faithful should be reminded that these restrictions should be honored before and after Mass as well.

I know these changes greatly affect how we worship in our community, but we must be prudent and have each other’s safety in mind. For those of you who cannot attend Mass, attached is an Act of Spiritual Communion that we can make.

Know of my prayers for all of you and let us be good stewards of one another.

God bless you,
Fr. Matt