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Do you set up your business at Fairs, Events and Festivals? The Temporary Permit is just for you!   

What to know before setting up...

Every food vendor must have a permit to sell their food in our county. Temporary Food Permits are $50. Applications for a Temporary Food Permit must be turned in 14 days prior to the event or an additional $50 late fee will be assessed. You Must have your permit application turned in and your fee paid prior to setting up your booth. We will no longer accept payment during inspections. If you do not have your application and fee turned in prior to setting up your booth, you will not be issued a Permit and will not be permitted to sell at the event. 

As with all other permits, Temporary Food Establishments are required to have a Certified Food Handler that must be present at the event to ensure food safety. If you are new to our county you will need a copy of your Certified Food Handlers Certificate as well as a copy of your Photo ID to turn in with your application.

Applications may be turned in to the office in person or may be mailed in to our office. Location information can be found at the top of the application page. Please reach out to our office if you have any questions and a member of our Environmental division will be happy to assist in answering your questions. 

Ripley County Health Department

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