Raise it for Health


11,000 - That’s the number of Hoosiers that tobacco use kills each year. For every Hoosier that dies from tobacco use, 30 others are suffering from tobacco-related illness or disease. Raising the cigarette tax by $2 will save lives. #RaiseItForHealth #LessThanACupOfCoffee


Raise It for Health advocates for a $2 per-pack increase in the cigarette tax, understanding that a significant increase is needed to reduce the adult smoking rate and protect youth from starting. Raising the tax by $2 also generates much needed revenue for things like health, tobacco education, and addiction services. Indiana needs to raise the cigarette tax to raise our health rankings! #RaiseItForHealth

With a $2 increase in Indiana's cigarette tax, our state will generate over $350 million annually to help more than 70,000 adults quit smoking! #RaiseItForHealth


4,100 kids under age 18 become daily smokers each year in Indiana. Nationally, 27% of high school students reported using tobacco products the past 30 days. Let’s raise the cigarette tax by $2 per pack to help generate much needed funds for prevention programs.  Let’s create the first tobacco free generation. #RaiseItForHealth


Did you know that Indiana was ranked 42nd worst in infant mortality? Raising the cigarette tax by $2 per pack would help generate $360 million in the first year alone for local tobacco cessation and prevention efforts, as well as help to address other urgent health crises like our state’s opioid crisis and infant mortality. #RaiseItForHealth


Hoosier employers want to help their employees kick their nicotine addiction. We would all benefit. Lower health care costs. Greater productivity. Better quality of life. Each smoker costs an Indiana business $6,200 extra each year—or $22 each day—in higher health care costs and lost productivity. #RaiseItForHealth


With a $2 increase in Indiana's cigarette tax, over 60,000 youth will be protected from smoking and 70,000 adults will quit!  #RaiseItForHealth