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Overdose Prevention & Naloxone

Overdose Prevention (Aaron's Law)

Senate Enrolled Act 406-2015, "Aaron's Law," is an Indiana law that allows Hoosiers to obtain a prescription for Naloxone if they believe someone they know is at risk of an opioid overdose. Prior to this Law, only emergency workers were allowed to carry Naloxone. The bill was signed into law April 2015. SEA 406 is named after Aaron Sims, a young Hoosier who lost his battle with heroin addiction.                             (Source:

What is Naloxone?


Naloxone, also known as "Narcan," is a medication used to reverse the effects of Opioids and can be administered when a person shows symptoms of an overdose. When injected, it works within five minutes, will "wake up" the individual, and allow them 30 to 60 min to seek medical attention. 

You can learn more about Narcan here.

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Who is Overdose Lifeline, INC?


Overdose Lifeline, INC was founded by Justin Phillips in 2014 after the death of her youngest son, Aaron, due to a heroin overdose. Overdose LIfeline is a statewide Indiana non-profit dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities affected by the disease of addiction/substance use disorder through advocacy, education, and support. 

How is Overdose Lifeline, INC helping Ripley County?

Through Overdose Lifelines efforts in passing Aaron's Law, a statewide initiative began to make Naloxone available to anyone in the community. Overdose Liveline has provided NaloxBox to every county in Indiana and continues to provided Naloxone to fill each box. 


Ripley County NaloxBox

Ripley County currently has two locations providing free Naloxone through the Overdose Lifeline, INC program. These boxes contain not only Naloxone but also information on treatment options in our community. Treatment materials are provided by community partners in efforts to assist anyone struggling with addition that would like to end the struggle of addiction.

Osgood First Baptist Church
124 N Sycamore Street
Osgood IN 47037

Overdose Lifeline.jpg

Roberts Auto Wash
101 W Ellis Street
Milan IN 47031

All ODL NaloxBox Locations

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Ripley County Health Department

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