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An empty crib is best. Many parents believe baby won’t be warm or comfortable without bumper pads, blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals, but these items can be deadly. Babies can suffocate on or be strangled by any extra item in the crib.

This is how to keep baby safe:

  • Place your baby on a firm mattress, covered by a fitted sheet that meets current safety standards.

  • Bumper pads and sleep positioning wedges should not be placed in the crib with the baby.

  • Don’t use loose bedding, such as comforters and blankets.

  • Sleep clothing, such as fitted, appropriate-sized sleepers, sleep sacks, and wearable blankets are safer for baby than blankets!

  • Don’t place babies to sleep on adult beds, chairs, sofas, waterbeds, air mattresses, pillows, or cushions.

  • Toys and other soft bedding, including fluffy blankets, comforters, pillows and stuffed animals should not be placed in the crib with the baby. These items can suffocate baby if they are close to his face.

  • Place baby's crib in your room - you can respond to his needs and then return him to his crib to sleep.



Won’t my baby hurt herself between the slats of the crib if there are no bumpers?

There have been no cases of babies who have seriously hurt themselves by getting stuck between the crib railings. Babies aren’t capable of exerting enough force to break an arm or leg between the crib slats. Consider the option of a baby waking up because her hand or foot may be caught. She will cry and wake you, but she will be alive and breathing.

Ripley County Health Department

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