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Steps to Obtain
Residential Septic Permits

Quickly obtain your Residential Septic Permit by completing our 4 easy steps. If you have any questions while completing the steps please call our office at (812) 689.5751 and speak with a member of our Environmental Division.


Choose a soil scientist to preform your Soil Analysis. The soil scientist will send your analysis into our office when it is completed.  As soon as you schedule a soil analysis begin Step 2.

Soil Scientists in our Area:

Scott Nickell               (812) 498-7645

Dena Anderson          (812) 591-3770


Print and fill out the Application and Seeding Agreement. To complete Step 2, you will need to submit both forms as well as a copy of your house plans to the Ripley County Health Department either by mailing to our office at P.O. Box 745, Versailles IN 47042, submitting in person at our office or by emailing to

We cannot complete minimum specifications for your property until all items are submitted to our office. 


After our office receives your Soil Analysis, Application, Seeding Agreement and House plans we will provide Minimum Specifications for your septic system. These specifications are what your installer will use to create a septic design.

If you already submitted on your application the installer you wish to use we will send your Minimum Specifications directly to your installer. If you did not choose your installer yet that is perfectly fine. Choose an installer from our list of Registered Installers. You may only use an installer from our list of registered installers. If the installer you wish to use is not on the list please have them reach out to our office to see if they qualify to be a Ripley County Registered Septic Installer. 

Once your installer receives your Minimum Specifications they will complete the remaining steps of the design process. After all steps are completed we will reach out to you to let you know that your permit is ready and you can move on to the final step in obtaining your Septic Permit.


Once we contact you with news that your permit is ready, you may come in to the office to sign and pay for your permit. This step must be done in person it cannot be done over the phone, by mail or by email as we will need your signature on documents to issue the permit. 

When picking up your permit you will need to pay $30 for the Site Survey and $100 for the Septic Permit.

You may pay for your fees with Cash or Card, there is a small fee for all card payments. We do not accept Personal Checks. 

Ripley County Health Department

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