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Harm reduction is the public health principle of reducing the negative consequences associated with human behaviors. Harm reduction asserts that we meet people “where they are” to support their overall health.

Harm reduction is frequently associated with substance use: however, additional examples of harm reduction include wearing a seatbelt while driving or riding in a moving vehicle, condom use during sexual activity, wearing sunscreen, and taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Harm reduction is as broad and varied as the individuals and communities it swerves.

Harm Reduction Efforts in Ripley County Include:

  • Sharps Exchange Program

  • Non-Syringe Harm Reduction Program

  • Overdose Prevention and Awareness

  • Free Drug Screening Kits

  • Oral Health Supplies

  • Sexual Health Supplies

  • Personal Hygiene Items

  • Free HIV & Hepatitis C Testing through Aspire Indiana

Non-Syringe Harm Reduction

Non-Syringe items used to prepare and introduce substances into the body have potential to transmit Bloodborne Infections.

By providing materials such as Hand Sanitizer, and Wound Care Kits, we can help limit community contact with harmful items. Our Non-Syringe Harm Reduction program also includes materials to aid in Oral, Personal and Sexual Health.

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Ripley County Health Department

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