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Registered Installers Portal

All information must be completed to be a registered installer in Ripley County. Installers are required to submit $20,000 bond as well as $500, 000 minimum on Liability Insurance with Application. We will not review plans for an installer that has not submitted all documentation and been added to our list of registered installers. 

Your insurance company may send in a copy of your Bond and Certificate of Liability to our office by email:

The Ripley County Health Department has adopted a new review process for all septic designs. the Residential Plan Review Checklist will guide installers step by step through the design process. We review plans in the order they are received. Use this review guide to ensure you have everything listed on your design before submitting to our office.

Please note with submitting your Septic Design Plans to the office, the allotted review time for all septic designs is 30 days. 

Thanks for submitting!
Our Environmental Health Specialist or member of our Environmental Staff will reach out to you within 1 business day.

Ripley County Health Department

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