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Mobile Food Establishment

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Food Trucks are all the rage, obviously...they are awesome.

Ensure you have a successful opening of your year and your Business by reading and understanding all requirements for a Mobile Food Permit. Read information before completing your Mobile Food Establishment Application.

The Ripley County Health Department is happy to now offer Mobile Food Establishment permits for Food Trucks and Trailers. Just as with all Food Establishment Permits, Mobile Food Establishments are required to have at least one person that is a Certified Food Handler. The Certified Food Handler must be present when Establishment is serving food to the community to ensure food safety.

All Mobile Food Establishments must have a Commissary to be considered for a permit. Mobile Establishments that intend to prep all food in their Truck or Trailer will not be permitted to serve food to the community. If your commissary is located outside of Ripley County, you will need to submit a copy of your most recent health inspection from your county health department along with your application.

Mobile Food Establishment Permits are $200 and are good until the end of the calendar year. Permits must be obtained 14 days prior to your first set up or a $50 late fee will be assessed. To obtain a Permit, you will need to have all information submitted and an inspection scheduled with our Chief Food Inspector. Appointments are scheduled on a first come basis, we recommend that you schedule at least a week prior to entering your 14 day window to ensure that there is an appointment available for your inspection. Establishment Owner is responsible for scheduling their inspection and will still be assessed a $50 late fee if they do not schedule their inspection prior to the 14 day window. 

By signing your application for a Mobile Food Establishment Permit, you are agreeing to notify the Ripley County Health Department 14 days prior to any date you wish to set up at after your permit has been issued. Failure to notify within 14 days prior may result in your permit being revoked. 

Thank you for your interest in being one of our Mobile Food Establishments!

We are excited to have you Serve our community.

Ripley County Health Department

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