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Let's learn about Digestion!


In this video we follow Gilbert the Grape through the Digestive system to see how our food travels through our body.

Digestive System Coloring Page

What should I Eat?

Let's learn about general wellbeing. This video covers what we should eat, how much we should eat, getting sleep, staying active and the balance between them all.


               Healthy Habits Worksheet

Let's learn about Vegetables!



In this video, we learn all about Vegetables and how they help our body functions.

             Vegetable Coloring Page

Where do Fruits and Vegetables Come From?

In this video, we learn about Fruits, Vegetables and Farms. Fun learning for Toddlers.

              Farm Stand Coloring Page

Where does my Cheeseburger come from?

Let's Learn where our Cheeseburger comes from! This video explores where each part of our cheeseburger comes from before it gets to us!

Cheeseburger Coloring Page

Vitamins & Minerals!

What are vitamins & minerals? Where do I find them? What do they do for my body? Lets learn in this fun video!

            Printable Vitamin & Mineral Guide

Is Sugar Bad For You?

Let's learn all about Sugar and how it reacts with our body.

       Healthy Foods Connect Activity

Water and Our Bodies

Why do we need to drink Water? What is the importance of Water to our Body?

                  Printable Water Tracker

The Five Senses

In this video, Dr. Binocs goes over the 5 senses and their function.


     5 Senses Activity Printable

Healthy Food vs. Junk Food

In this video, we will learn a song to remember what is Healthy Food and what is Junk Food.

Fruit & Veggie Color Song

This video teaches kids a song about Fruit and Veggie Nutrition. 

Ripley County Health Department

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