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RCHD is committed to educating the community on Public Health. What better place to start than with the Ripley County's Youth? In Kid Zone Health, we have informational videos and activities to help your young ones learn healthy habits and to understand the role our environment plays on our health. We encourage you to go through each category with your children to help create an open dialog for Health and Safety. Enjoy the activity sheets after completing each section!



Personal Hygiene for Kids

This Zone covers Personal Hygiene habits- Showering, Hand Washing, Tooth Brushing and Face Washing


Healthy Eating + Our Body

This Zone covers Healthy Eating Habits- Washing Fruits and Veggies, Healthy Options, the Food Guide Pyramid and Sugar.

A Healthy Kid.jpg
Envornment Kids.jpg


Get Your Body Moving

In this Zone, we will learn about exercise and sweating! Enjoy some fun ways to get your body moving too!


What in the World...

In this Zone, we will learn about the environment! From our planet and solar system to mosquitos and bacteria.

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A Harmful Decision.jpg


Harmful Decisions

In this Zone, we will learn about Harmful decisions like smoking and drinking. 

Ripley County Health Department

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